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is based on original and valuable happiness

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Social, environmental, and economic sustainability can be measured in everything we do. For us, it is a journey of continuous improvement and driven through supply chain partnerships.

Minh Tien’s growing areas and farms are built on a commitment to the goal: to bring the coffee beans back to their original values.


Minh Tien built
sustainable coffee model on 3 factors

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Farmer household

Among more than 5,000 farmer households working with us, each of them is a special link that is nurtured and built up based on a commitment of sustainable coffee production. We guarantee policies of special coffee procurement from farmers.

In addition, we have supported farmer households, built management groups and engineers by region to facilitate supervision, support training, distributing seedlings and inputs for organic agriculture. In addition, improving the quality of life through the development of sustainable coffee value chain is for all farmer households to have high profits from their work and dedication.


Developing sustainable raw material areas together with farmer households enables us have a stable coffee input. Quality standards of coffee and originality of growing regions have unique features and flavors. We are constantly inspiring to promote a general spirit with the connection which is the love of cofffee. Each product is made from the the good heart of farmers from the raw material area. The production, processing and quality control of100% original coffee taste are guaranteed by a team of roasters.


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Targeting towards sustainable relationships with partners in the ecosystem, ensuring stable supplies with rigorous quality standards and certifications, together with multi-layered internal control standards from Plantation – Harvest – Raw processing – Production – Inspection. This brings the originality of high-quality Vietnamese Arabica coffee to earn the trust of big fastidious importers in the world.


“In order to have delicious coffee for customers tomorrow, we must help the coffee grower community grow today”.


Enjoy a sweet sip of coffee like honey from the mountains and rest assured that you are an important piece in the value chain of sustainable coffee.

You are making a positive contribution to the life of future coffee growers of the farmers behind their daily cup of quality coffee.


Raw material area

We create a balance between organic agriculture and indigenous environmental ecosystems, maintain clean agriculture with fertile soils coming from natural ecosystems (soil, water sources, light , Training and testing programs help build greater awareness in water conservation, waste management, strengthening shade trees and some cover crops to retain moisture and improve soil.

"We create a balance between organic agriculture and native environmental ecosystems, maintaining clean agriculture with fertile soils coming from natural ecosystems"

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Our commitment to sustainability also includes strict factory emissions control, to protect the environment and water resources, to build a system of reusing coffee pods, and treating gas to create rotation. transfer resources, avoid consumption and waste. In addition, we also create a safe working environment with a culture of cohesion and self-awareness in the core value system of the enterprise.

Đến Trang Sản Xuất


Human right

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