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Minh Tien’s Story

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Câu chuyện Minh Tiến Câu chuyện Minh Tiến

We believe in the happy value chain that begins the journey from farm to cup of coffee

About us

Starting the journey in 2000, Minh Tien was born with the desire to bring the original value and happiness of the coffee bean.

Create a foundation

Based on the model of sustainable farming from independent raw material areas, high quality coffee beans meeting international standards of Minh Tien have conquered export partners and coffee lovers around the world.


With the binding substance of coffee love, Minh Tien always tries to be a bridge connecting and spreading happiness from farmers, partners – customers to consumers and communities. To do this, Minh Tien always ensures the original quality and value of the coffee beans.

Vision & Mission


Raising the value of Vietnamese coffee beans

Minh Tien’s journey is always attached associated with the mission to spread happiness and returns the original value, coming from mind and passion for coffee beans.


Minh Tien wishes to help consumers rediscover the original coffee taste

Our goal is to redefine and rediscover our favorite original coffee taste every day with the dedication of each coffee grower, while inspiring to connect people with a love of coffee, help people understand more about the stature of Vietnamese coffee and the identity of the raw material area.

Mang đến hương vị nguyên bản Tây Bắc, Tây Nguyên & Lào. Gắn liền với bản sắc văn hóa cao nguyên cùng với tình yêu tâm huyết và đam mê

Core Values

We maintain the brand based on our core values

  1. Family
  2. Passion
  3. Sustainability

We create a large family with a warm and familiar culture, where all members together pursue passion and care for each product to bring quality coffee and comfortable experience. , connecting people with joy and sharing.


Share responsibility and passion for work and enthusiasm, true love for quality coffee to users.


We always uphold the collective knowledge, the winning spirit and the cohesion of our members.


Always self-conscious at work to ensure the highest quality. From the high awareness of each member, the collective consciousness and standards are created.

Created by a great love for coffee trees and Vietnamese coffee growers. Minh Tien uses passion to create true meaning for each cup of coffee sent to customers. These meanings sublimate, creating happiness and joy in diners.


We use our motivation and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others to pursue common goals.


We persist in our journey to improve the quality and true value of coffee beans, in addition to helping users redefine and rediscover the standard coffee taste every day.


Proactively create opportunities by associating values ​​with passion for creativity, self-improvement of production systems to increase quality – productivity to meet diverse user experiences.

Sustainable ecosystem development through social, economic and environmental factors. Minh Tien works closely with farmers and develops growing areas to ensure stable and high quality coffee beans. We accompany building high value of coffee to ensure long-term benefits for farmers in the supply chain.


Each farmer is a special link and a companion in the mission of producing quality coffee beans.


There is no other way to increase the value of coffee by developing high-quality coffee that meets world standards, it is a commitment not only in product quality to meet the needs of the user experience but also in the sustainable in relationship with Farmers.


Each product is made from the worker’s mind, honest and transparent, from the raw materials area, production process, processing and quality control to 100% original coffee flavor.

Giá Trị Cốt Lõi - Gia Đình Giá Trị Cốt Lõi - Đam Mê Giá Trị Cốt Lõi - Bền Vững


Passionate to do better

Through 20 years of expertise and knowledge in coffee, Minh Tien Coffee aims to be recognized as the leading business partner in the Arabica green coffee field from high-end to serving specialty through standards. rigorous quality.



We supply coffee to top partners in the world and distribute coffee nationwide. We love working with all our partners to share the best coffee beans with coffee lovers.